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Hangzhou China Trip I have waited too long to blog my latest trip! I have been back since September, but I have struggled to write this blog story. My brother is currently visiting Japan, so I thought I should make an effort and post some of the photos from my trip. I visited Hangzhou, for […]


China Trip


I can’t believe I just came back from a great trip to China and Hong Kong! It was great to cross something from my list and exploring wonderful new places! But above all, it was great to visit my awesome niece and nephew! The more they grow up, the more brilliant they become and it […]

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Hong Kong Trip


In less than two weeks I will be traveling to China!!! I am so excited and looking forward to the trip and seeing my niece and nephew! My interest to visit China has grown since I took some Mandarin classes in College and I can’t wait to use the three words I actually do remember!! […]

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Getting Ready for a New Adventure in China


So it’s New Year’s Eve and 2015 has been the best one yet! Before getting to my top 5 favourite of 2015, I hope you had a GREAT holiday! 2015 was great because: I got married! This was definitively the highlight this year, and as a bonus, Michael’s brother visited from oversea! It was pretty […]


Best of 2015


Last weekend a group of friends organized a cottage weekend to celebrate all of us turning 30 in the last year. The weekend was filled with good friends, good food, lazy mornings, hot tub hangouts and game nights. The cottage was HUGE! So were the kitchen and the hot tub. All 14 of us had […]

Rocking my Thirties

Birthday Cottage Weekend